Other Yeo Family

These are members of the Yeo family that I’ve been unable to link into my tree – but are worth mentioning.

Gordon Yeo

Sergeant Gordon Yeo, 617 Squadron (“Dambusters”)

Gordon, the son of Arthur and Ada Yeo was the only Welshman on the famous “Dambusters” raid.

Sadly, his aircraft (A-Apple) was shot down returning from the raid. He is buried at Bergen Oop Zoom cemetery.

Coincidentally, he was born the same year as my father (1922).

His family lived in Barry, just a few miles away, but I haven’t been unable to trace Arthur’s ancestry and thereby link him into my tree – my great-grand uncle Richard Yeo had three sons, all born in Wales, so this may be a viable avenue to explore.

Rollo (the Viking)

Rollo isn’t included because I cannot verify the connection, myself.

I can say, with certainty, that my direct ancestor (William Yeo, born 1430) married Ellen Grenville, the daughter of Sir William Grenville (also known as Sir William Granville).

Here can be found a link to a book in the Royal Collection Trust which provides the research.

Rollo was born around 860 AD, and his Wikipedia entry describes his background. A partially fictionalised version of Rollo appears in the History Channel drama “Vikings”, played by Clive Standen.